Before the west was won, it had to be fought for!

"Tonight, you have chosen to return to the Forests of Slaughter! You're last journey here almost resulted in the death of two of your companions. Perhaps this time will be different. Probably not though."

DM Note: This Encounter took place at Empire Central in League City, Texas. There were 4 tables of Dungeons & Dragons being played, with two of them running the "Dead in Thay" campaign, one running D&D 4E and the last running a home brewed 5E game.

For the two "Dead in Thay" tables, we had three players at each, and decided to separate into a boy vs. girl arrangment, to see who would do better. The Girls (made up of a Dwarf Mage, Tiefling Paladin and a Half-Elf Ranger) chose to enter the Abyssal Prisons. The Boys (with an Elf Mage and Two Half-Orc Barbarians) chose to return to the Forests of Slaughter. Using the telepathy circlets they received from Sir Isteval, in Daggerford, they were able to keep in contact with each other, in the event one group got into more than they could handle.