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Recent Updates

Dead In Thay - Week 6

This week we had the unique opportunity to run multiple tables, as we continue to see our players grow in ability and number!

DM Note: This Encounter took place at Empire Central in League City, Texas. We ran three tables, venturing into multiple areas of the Doom Vault. One group chose to explore the Predator Pools. One chose to finish exploring the Abyssal Prisons. One chose to complete the Forests of Slaughter.

The group that journeyed into the Predetor Pools found pools of water that reeked of death! They soon found themselves fighting swimming undead, which almost took the life of the Halfling Rogue in the group (due to his own sillyness). Within a short while they discovered another entrance into the Golem Laboratories and chose to venture into that unknown area. Entering a small chamber they encountered undead warriors, imprisonning other undead warriors in cages hanging from the ceiling. With a well timed Divine Turning from the parties Cleric, they destroyed all but the most powerful of the undead. However, the caged undead were not 'locked' in their cages, and immidiately opened their doors, and attacked the party. One in particular was not what he seemed, and soon the party was faced with powerful magic that nearly killed them. All but three were destroyed by sucessive spells of Cloud Kill and Fireball. They defeated this foe, but were only able to drag their unconscious companions back through the Black Gate to the Keeper.

The second group, faired much better. Having previously made friends with the Vampire Issem, they were able to move through his zone with relative ease. They did re-discover what appeared to be Shalendra being tortured by Thayan Warriors. However, she turned out to be none other then Perchenska from their adventures on the Sword Coast. They group left her with the tables turned, by chaining up her torutures and bidding her good day. They later found a freed a Fire Elemental, who immidiately was drawn to an elemental rift, that existed in another room. They chose not to explore the Elemental Rift room further however, and returned to the Keep.

The third group re-entered the Forests of Slaughter, and were soon ambushed by displacer beasts, where the Luecrotta had been. They proved to be an easy foe to defeat, once they took damage and stopped 'shimmying'. However in the next room, the Troll they encountered proved to be much more difficult. As they continued to kill them, the trolls kept getting back up, healing the mortal wounds they had suffered, and pressed the attack. Desperate heroes, begand beheading and cutting out the hearts of defeated trolls, only to discover that the severed pieces regenerated into new trolls. What should have been a small fight with a handful of trolls, soon turned into a fight for their very lives against almost a dozen. They did prevail though, but had to use nearly all their daily powers to do so. After a short rest, they encountered a large room, with sleeping Behirs in it. The Bard of the party, chose not to let them continue their slumber, and using trickery, manage to dump a bucket of necromatic laced water into ones mouth. They awoke angry and suspiscious of the the Bard, who was attempting to pass himself off as a Red Wizard. They detected the rest of the group hiding around the entrance corner, and soon lightnight bolts and teeth were assualting the heroes. This combat resulted in the death of one of our Barbarians, but they were able to destroy the Behir. The Barbarian chose Syranna's 'Walking Dead' option, and was quite happy with his new Undead Half-Orc Barbarian abilities. Again, after another rest, they returned to the Barghests Range, now occupied by a Gorgon. Having seen how the Elf Mage distracted the Gorgon before, the heroes created another diversion with tricked the Gorgon to charge away from the exit leaving the room. The heroes made a run for the exit and made it safely, however...they entered another room with two Gorgons in it, which charged, trampled and breathed on them. Before all was said and done, half the party had turned to stone...They then returned to the Keep, carying statues of their former members, trying to determine what to do with them.